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Braised Lentils

Hi.  It’s me.  Welcome to my annual attempt to remind you that December is the most important month of the year to feed yourself well.  Not abundance “well.”  I’m talking home cooked food “well,” veggies, fruit and grains “well.”  Before you assign this post to the read in January, new year, new you in-box, hear… [ more ]

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Hasselback Potato Gratin

I love this potato dish.  Let me count the ways.  Delicious.  People pleaser.  The LBD of the side dish world – it dresses up everything in its midst with little to no extra effort or adornment.  “Make ahead” is its middle name.  You get the picture. The story:  Last weekend I did a “one night… [ more ]

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Tomato Cobbler

I find cherry tomatoes most enjoyable raw, be it popped into my mouth as a snack or as a high note addition for balance to savory, earthy dishes, like rice, pasta, or meats.  I’ve never been much for cooked tomatoes, except when transformed into a sauce or jam (yes, that is one of the favorites… [ more ]

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David’s Mac & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese has always been a guaranteed “silent meal” in my house. No complaining, no whining, just that initial burst of silence after the first bite, gradually turning into happy conversation as the plates begin to empty. I thought I had it down – just cheesy enough with a great balance of textures and flavors. I… [ more ]

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