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Chocolate Toffee Cracker Bark

Last night at a bar I overheard a woman informing her friends that as of yesterday, at least 30% of all Americans had not yet bought even one Christmas gift.  We’re about to take care of that and make you the gift giving hero.  No one will need to know you invested about one hour.… [ more ]

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Apple Squash Crisp

I developed this recipe a few years ago for a “Two Hours to the Thanksgiving Table” workshop.  In the back of mind I pictured myself with my friends, fresh out of college and living the life in San Francisco, at our time share in Tahoe coming together after a full day of outdoor activities and… [ more ]

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Ice Cream Crunch Cake

We added another teenager to the house a couple of weeks ago.  Turning thirteen is reason enough to celebrate.  In our house, it was extra momentous as our daughter became a bat mitzvah.   In the Jewish religion, this life cycle event celebrates the transition of a child becoming an adult in the religious community.  She… [ more ]

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Berry Parfait Tart

One thing I love about cooking is how you can take the same bundle of ingredients and come up with different end products by only tweaking one or two steps or techniques.  This tart is a perfect example.  How many times have you grabbed yogurt, berries and nuts or granola, layered them in a bowl… [ more ]

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Chocolate Zucchini Cake

When asked about our clients favorite recipes, I’m always a bit hesitant to answer with the truth, “All of them!”  People cook with Essen because we take the time to vet the recipes, techniques, accessibility of ingredients and applicability to fit with your every day life.  As my friend Kathryn has told more people than… [ more ]

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