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How to Carve Your Turkey from Susquehanna Style

A must see for all of the birds in your life. [ more ]

Food Day from Lancaster Newspapers

It's time to get real and eat real. [ more ]

Make Your Memorial Day Menu Memorable from Fox43

Quick, easy and delicious ways to spice your summer BBQs. [ more ]

How to Make the Perfect Poached Egg from Susquehanna Style

Learn to make the ideal accessory for all things delicious in your life. [ more ]

Last Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Eat from Fox43

Make easy, edible holiday gifts in no time. [ more ]

Seasonal Cooking from Blue Ridge Cable

Cooking with seasonal, whole food just makes good sense (and cents). [ more ]

Canning from The Green Life/Blue Ridge Cable

The how's and why’s of food preservation. [ more ]

Condiments Make Everything Better from Behind the Scenes with Susquehanna Style

Betsey spills the beans on she takes basic meals to the next level with minimal effort. [ more ]

A Lesson with Essen from Millersville University

An after-school cooking class takes on Asian flavors. [ more ]


Betsey and her work at Essen have been mentioned by or quoted in the following publications.

The Art of Pizza from Lancaster Intelligencer

"You can get close to what you'd find in Italy, ..." Betsey describes the ease with which you can make amazing pizza at home. [ more ]

V-Day Idea: How About Some Love From Your Kitchen from Lancaster Intelligencer

A crime reporter describes his experience at an Essen Party with his girlfriend. [ more ]

Cooking with Kathleen from PA Dutch Visitor's Association President's blog

"Betsey is an excellent cook, and a fantastic teacher. She is personable, enthusiastic and put everyone at ease in the kitchen ..." [ more ]

Butcher It Yourself from Philadelphia Inquirer

Essen's hands-on Butchery Workshops appeal to a wide range of cooks and eaters. [ more ]

Cooking Apps Embraced Locally from Lancaster Intelligencer

Betsey shares her favorite cooking app. [ more ]

Holiday Baking for Special Diets from Natural Awakenings

Betsey shares a favorite Christmas recipe that’s easy to make and gluten-free. [ more ]

Breathe.Live.Grow with Essen Cooking Classes from Mode Magazine

"In each of her classes, Sterenfeld teaches students how to bring delicious, seasonal, and homemade food to the dinner table in a way that even the most inexperienced person can understand and execute ..." [ more ]

Food-Love-Lancaster from Fig Blog

"We were all in awe at the scope of knowledge and technique that Betsey was able to incorporate so seamlessly into our Essen evening. She and her unobtrusively efficient assistant, Mandy, perform a remarkable kitchen ballet that produces an impressive 5-course meal in a little over two hours." [ more ]

Don’t Be Intimidated By the Canning Process from Lancaster Intelligencer

Betsey describes the ease and benefits of preserving food. [ more ]

New Book Club Offers Food for Thought, Literally from Lancaster Intelligencer

Betsey talks about the genesis of the Essen Cookbook Club. [ more ]

Garden Glory from Susquehanna Style

Betsey "preaches ease and pleasure in the kitchen ..." [ more ]

Waste Not, Want Not from Susquehanna Style

Preserving and savoring seasonal stars to take your eating experience to the next level. [ more ]

Food: Can do Attitude from Lancaster Intelligencer

Betsey describes the ease and benefits of preserving food. [ more ]

Modern Day Lunches Rock from Lancaster Intelligencer

Betsey shares her tips and ideas for packing healthy lunches. [ more ]

Dinner’s Ready from Lancaster Intelligencer

"Betsey made me realize that less is more. You can pull off a great meal without a lot of work." [ more ]


Brilliant Basics from Susquehanna Style

"I am often asked which are the dishes everyone should know how to make. Without hesitation I reply, 'roast chicken, risotto and mixed green salad with vinaigrette' ..." [ more ]

Staples Turned Snacks from Susquehanna Style

"Often relegated to spicing up traditional meals, condiments and novelty items are the secret to making quick bites that are beyond ordinary, ..." [ more ]

Fantastic Firsts from Susquehanna Style

"Between that first stalk sometime in April and the final bite the third week in June, I eat asparagus almost daily ..." [ more ]

Corn Meal from Susquehanna Style

"Sheer laziness allowed me to realize that the best method for ..." [ more ]

Preserving Time from Susquehanna Style

"I've got a secret weapon when short on time or ambition, yet craving a full flavored dish— ..." [ more ]

At My Holiday Table from Susquehanna Style

"Being Lancaster transplants, my husband, kids and I have spent many holidays without close family nearby. In spite of their absence, we feel their presence at every celebration, ..." [ more ]